2016 New Year’s resolutions

I thought a lot wherever it’s appropriate to publish my New Year’s resolutions. The thing is that the more information you can, the better the decisions you take. I’m not losing any information by making this list public, so presumably the future decisions are going to be better.

2016 New year’s resolutions:

  1. Work smarter and take more risks.
  2. Be more social, kind, empathetic and definitely not dismissive. Keep in touch with old friends and close family members.
  3. Spend time every week reading a book and use reading as a way to clear my mind. A rough estimate is to read a book every 2 weeks.
  4. During weekdays, do stuff that’s not work related, before and after work.
  5. Keep the diet clean and cut on sugar, i.e. Coca Cola.
  6. Travel less.
  7. Be more careful about the place I call home.
  8. Ironman, SF2LA, ideally Paris-Brest-Paris. Flat marathon in under 3 hours. Always keep my eyes on the prize.
  9. Sign up for improv classes.
  10. Continue training with a coach to level up my game in a sport discipline.
  11. Explore the impact of turning vegan.
  12. Don’t plan everything. It’s lame and it will not happen this way!

2015 in review


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