2015 in review

Short version

What went well in 2015? and I should keep doing in 2016.

  1. Work was good and we shipped stuff to production, in an ever changing environment. I did relatively more code review this year and that helps others ship their features.
  2. I had time to do stuff I care, besides work, such as reading a book and working out. I lost about 7kg in 2015. I wished I’d had hiked more, but I’m content that the day hikes I did were pretty intense.
  3. I have a weekday routine. I get to do stuff before and after work. In general, my diet is clean and I’m not drinking any alcohol, so I can recover well the next day.
  4. I did 7 double century bike rides (320 km on a roadbike) and I that’s a great way of discovering California. In 2016, I will ride only the hardest 4 races.
  5. I train with a coach bi-weekly and I get advices on how to improve my technique, rather than just my body conditioning. I want to further invest in this direction, as I find technique to be very important in any sport discipline.
  6. I traveled the world quite a bit.

What did not?

  1. Many times the pace is not as high as I would want to be. I lose my focus and I’m not working as hard as I could. I realized I really like living on the edge :).
  2. I didn’t socialize as much as I would like to, thus losing touch with many friends. The new people I met are from work or are training in my sport disciplines.
  3. My English did not really progress.

So what’s changing in 2016?

  1. I hope I’ll be more kind, social, tolerant and empathetic.
  2. Don’t underestimate people just because they do things I initially find boring/lame. Reconsider everything!
  3. Stay in better touch with old friends.
  4. Take more risks!
  5. I need to raise the execution pace! That means I need to keep my focus and, more often, get out of my comfort zone.
  6. Sign up for more improv classes.
  7. Develop a plan A. Then, a plan B. Don’t forget about a plan C.
  8. When I have to take it easy, take it really easy. When I am pushing to the limit, then go full gas.
  9. Embrace the changes of 2016!


Longer version:

What went well in 2015?

  1. I read a few technical books related to design patterns and development for the iOS platform. At work, I spend more time doing code reviews and helping others merging their features. I am happy that some of the projects I’ve been working on, have shipped or are shipping soon.
  2. I had time to read some books about how to work smarter and how the stock market works. It feels good to understand part the monetary policy of 1990s, a Fed ex-chairman explains in his autobiography.
  3. I eat good food and my weekday routine is: wake up, eat breakfast, do something for myself for 1-1.5 hours, work, eat lunch really fast, work, do something else for myself, eat dinner, sleep.
  4. I completed 7 double century bike rides, i.e. 320 km or 200 miles, that must be finished in under 16 hours. Some of the rides were insanely hard and I have thought a lot about just giving up; I want to complete RAAM one day and no matter how trained you are, RAAM is harder, so if I abandon this ride, I simply cannot aspire about biking from west coast to east coast in under 12 days. As a side effect, I won the Golden Thousand Mile Club and the California Triple Crown stage races jerseys. #swag
  5. I ran the Berkeley half marathon in 1h25m, finishing 52th out of 3000. I am not a runner.
  6. I climbed Mt Shasta with crampons and ice axe, from the Bunnyflat trailhead, in a day hike; 10 hours end-to-end.
  7. Although I failed twice to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles without sleep, I think those were two of my best bike rides. I also rode my road bike in Romania and it was pretty cool: this, this and this.

What do I think I should continue doing in 2016?

  1. Read a paper book every month. I am realistic with my goals.
  2. Ride some of the double centuries that are close to San Francisco. Also, do ride a few multi day bike events.
  3. Train hard and eventually do SF2LA on a bike without sleep.
  4. Train the boxing skills and improve the technique: „Precision beats power and timing beats speed”.

What went wrong in 2016?

  1. I could have worked smarter and iterate faster on my projects. Many projects are time sensitive and earlier is better than later.
  2. I didn’t really like the place were I used to live. I am glad that it finished and I’ll be living in a new home.
  3. I rarely socialize with people and many times I’m not accepting people. A lady even told me I’m a robot.
  4. The average length of a bike ride is about 100km, thus most of my rides are really long rides.

What should I start doing in 2016?

  1. Be more social, kind and empathetic.
  2. Take English pronunciation classes, not because I can’t speak English now, but I want to be more confident when speaking to an audience.
  3. Develop more plans and check the progress regularly.
  4. Sign up for an improv class. I took a few at work and I felt that I’ve learned something.
  5. Train more intense, ideally with a club. For cycling there’s Penvelo, for triathlon I got Golden Gate Triathlon Club and for boxing a coach and sparring partners.
  6. I want to get swimming as part of the weekly routine.
  7. Get in touch with San Francisco Randonneurs and ride their brevets.
  8. Run the half marathon and full marathon full gas. I should do the flat full marathon in under 3 hours.
  9. An ironman. I think I can do it even tomorrow, but I want a great finish time and the right context; I don’t wanna go there by myself.

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